Challenge :

Shree Nandan Courier Limited has a large number of fleets including small & heavy vehicles. All vehicles are spread across the country and cover almost every state of India. They realized the need of GPS Tracking after many incidents of late courier delivery and improper routes by drivers were reported.

Solution :

We developed a Fleet Tracking option in our Dashboard to track all vehicles at a single screen, Now they easily guide the proper route to multiple vehicle’s drivers.

They can now easily manage all their vehicles in Netra360 GPS tracking system or Mobile Application from anywhere. They generate MIS reports in a single click related speed report, Trip vs Distance report,Stop report,Overspeed,Running and Fuel reports also.

They also manage overspeed alerts and Geofence alerts to track driver behaviour.

Result :

  • Fast Delivery
  • 20% Increase Result due to track all activity in real time
  • Save unnecessary time waste like long hold time, missing routes
  • No worry about Fuel theft due to live Fuel monitoring

“Track Real Time activity of vehicles with Netra60 GPS from anywhere.”